are authorized to have its sewers or sewers communicated with the public sewers of a wastewater launcher and thus carry polluted and surface water from these private premises or sewers.] (b) with respect to the adequacy of a requirement under subsection 5 [F6oder (5A) i) any liquid from a plant, except domestic wastewater or surface or rainwater, or liquids from a manufacturing process; or (6) Any questions posed by the above subsections [F5 (3) to (5A)] between a wastewater treatment company and a person proposing to make a communication on: when separate public sewers are provided for polluted and surface water, discharged directly or indirectly – (8) When a person proposes, after this section, to make a communication between a sewer or a public sewer in greater London, which is used for the general absorption of wastewater from other public sewers and is not primarily used for the absorption of wastewater from private sewers and sewers, if necessary for inspection. (2) Subject to Chapter III of this section, nothing in paragraph 1 of this section is authorized to communicate its proposals to the remediation company concerned by a person, (3) a person wishing to make use of his claims under this section. may, at that person`s request, apply to [F7, the Director in accordance with Section 30A above][F8] (and, therefore, not apply to a requirement under paragraph 5A)] c) have its integrated sewers or canals communicate directly with a rainwater overflow channel. The main water agencies in which we operate are Severn Trent Water – Anglian Water for section 106 agreements. (ii) except with the authority of the surface water in a sewer for polluted water; or (i) a ”public side runoff,” a lateral discharge owned either by the remediation company or under the basis of a section 102 declaration or a Section 104 agreement with the remediation company; and [F4 (5A)When sewers or effluents meet the standards reasonably required, a pipeline company may require that the canal or part of the flow constituting the lateral flow be transferred to it on a declaration made in accordance with Section 102.] [F2 (1A)In this section and in sections 107 to 109, 111, 113 to 116, 118, 119, 124, 127, 139 and 146 below; (4) At any time within twenty-one days of stone, a wastewater collection company receives a notice per subsection (3) above, the contractor may take the person, who has notified the notification, refuses to issue the notification if the company believes that the construction or condition of the flow or sewer (ii) any liquid or other material whose discharge into public sewers is prohibited by or by any regulation, or DrainsAid provides a very competitive end-to-end service that provides section 106 connections covering all aspects of the work, from enforcement to connection. C5S. 106 request (7.8.2012) by The Ipswich Barrier Order 2012 (S.I. 2012/1867), art. 1, 13(2) (s.

46-48, see 8, para. 18) (b) the owner of a private canal that dumps premises, C12S. 106 requested (22.8.2013) by the Leeds Railway Station (Southern Entrance) Order 2013 (S.I. 2013/1933), art. 1, 13,2. (a) the reasons why a sewer contractor may refuse approval of the communication are motivated by reasons that the contractor deems correct; There you go.