i. ”Nominet UK” refers to the organization that has obtained the exclusive right to manage the registration of .uk domain names. The following agreement (”Conditions” or ”Agreement”) applies to your use of domain names registered on SiteGround or transferred to SiteGround (”SiteGround,” ”we,” ”unser”). This agreement is an integral part of the SiteGround Terms of Use (”TOS”) and, in conjunction with the registration agreement provided by the Registrar, and ICANN`s Domain Name Dispute Settlement Policy (UDRP) form the whole agreement between you and SiteGround regarding your use of domain names and all domain-related services. Ii. Validation data must be requested from time to time by the registration. The Registrar must pay the non-refundable validation fee (see item 5 b) below). The Registrar must require the registrar to certify, prior to the check-out or collection of registration fees, that the registrant is qualified for the registration of the domain and that all information provided is accurate and correct. 3.2. You acknowledge and accept that SiteGround provides you with domain name registration information that you make available or that SiteGround will provide ICANN, registrar of record, registry and other third parties, as required by ICANN and applicable laws.

Domain .fi: In the case of a .fi record, the following terms and conditions apply: The applicant or declarant confirms that he or she has read and understood: ii. To activate new domains, NGO ORGANISATIONS must also complete a validation process after registration: (ii) Domain name conflicts. You agree that if the registration or reservation of your domain name is disputed by a third party, you are subject to the provisions established by the registry or by a court. You agree to keep us unscathed and unscathed in the event of a domain name dispute with third parties, in accordance with the conditions set by the registry or by a court. (iii) Registration guidelines. You agree to be bound by the registration conditions and registration rules. Translations of the english recording documents are provided for simplicity; In the case of a gap between the English and German language agreements, the terms of the German agreement apply. Registration documents are available at :(K) You accept and understand that the above registration data will be accessible and publicly available in the WHOIS file, as requested by ICANN and/or registration guidelines, and may be sold en masse in accordance with ICANN`s agreement. SUSPENSION AND CANCELLATION. Tucows may suspend or cancel the filer`s domain name registration at its sole discretion: ix. Eligibility requirements for personal name domain names and SLD email addresses to be assigned for personal name on the basis of First-come and First-Served. The following categories of person name registrations can be registered: (i) a person`s personal name; (ii) the personal name of a fictional character if you have trademark or service rights in that character`s personal name; (iii) In addition to the personal name inscription, you can add digital characters at the beginning or end of the personal name to distinguish it from other people`s names.

i. If the registry determines (at its sole discretion) that the registrant does not meet the NGO authorisation requirements, the filers` domain name package is removed and released into the pool of available domains, and all fees paid in connection with the filers` domain name federation expire. and, in case of notification, will be sent to the address you indicated in your registration of your domain name in Tucows.