”services,” the services and/or work (if any) that the supplier is required to provide to the customer in connection with the rental or sale of goods, including delivery and/or collection services. Creating a contract allows you to limit your liability and include certain conditions of use (for example.B. Indication of the item that can only be used in indoor spaces) in order to obtain the value of your equipment. With the model for the LawDepot equipment lease, you can specify conditions such as: 7. The renter cannot in any way mortgage or incriminate the leased equipment. The landlord can terminate this contract immediately if the renter is able to pay rent at maturity, or if the renter fulfills the contract before a competent court to protect himself from creditors. 17/ If, upon receipt of the equipment, we believe that no effort has been made or that there is excessive waste on the machine, we will charge a cleaning fee of $25.00 without containers to cover the work required to restore the rented equipment (Plant) in a healthy condition ready for rent. The contract is similar to our B2B version, but includes the full 2013 consumer contract compliance provision (information, cancellation fees and surcharges) and comprehensive advice. ”rental property”: any goods rented to the customer; 11/ Under no circumstances can the machines be removed from the site provided without the prior consent of the owner.

This is a set of general conditions for a company that leases technical equipment such as audiovisual or computer equipment to use with customers who are other companies. 2/ It is the customer`s responsibility to ensure that he and any other person authorized to operate all leased equipment is properly trained and responsible for operating the devices safely and to understand the health and safety documents to be found on our website. 5. No subsidies are granted for leased equipment or parts of which are alleged to have not been used. The acceptance of the equipment returned by the owner does not constitute a waiver of the owner`s rights under the lease agreement. ”goods”: any machine, object, tool and/or device, as well as any accessory specified in a contract, which is rented or sold to the customer; You can work in appliance rentals or simply rent replacement equipment from time to time. It is a flexible and adaptable agreement. Leases for use by individuals or companies that rent tools or portable devices of any type.

Written in reference to audiovisual devices, it will work well for party tents, party clothes or small tools. Suitable for unique or regular offers for any period of time or as a basis for the terms of a rental shop. 14/ If you have the customer YOUR ASSURANCE COVER, while our product is in your possession, in case of loss, (theft) or damage was caused by negligence, user error, including any form of vandalism, all parts, including keys, ratchets, quick strike bars or broken or missing fasteners, any major scratches and or bumps as the customer will be fully responsible for all costs, including excess and work costs, all repairs, recovery and replacement.