2. If the second party does not pay the balance as decided, the advance is withdrawn and if, for whatever reason, the first party does not execute the balance in favour of the buyer or on behalf of its nominees within the allotted time, the seller is liable for double the amount indicated as an advance. The deed of sale is a legal document that describes the terms of sale. It is executed by the seller and buyer for the transfer of ownership. It describes important information about the price to be paid, the description of the property, how and when the owner is transferred to the buyer, etc. This is an essential document because it is proof of ownership of the property. 5. Sale or transfer fees are paid by the buyer/s. 7. The seller must assure the buyer that the agreed land is free of all kinds of charges, such as mortgage, gift, sale, pledge, lease, decree, omission, prosecution, etc. The sales note must be registered at the local sub-repertory. An unregant deed of sale has no value in the eyes of the law.

The deed of sale is carried out on non-judicial stamp paper purchased at state district rates. 3. The seller must clear all taxes on the ground before the deed of sale is carried out. A field sale Download this format if you are deed for Sale of Plot. The format is available in Microsoft Word Doc. 4. The buyer/buyers must execute the deposit of the sale or transfer the land in his or her own name or on behalf of his or her candidate. 1. The first part received – by cash payment/ Cheque/D.D. no.

dt______, as a large amount/preprocessor and balance of – is paid by the buyer on the day or before______ at the time of the execution of the deposit of the sale before the sub-registrar, the first part is/are owners of the property/land no: `6. At the time of the final payment, the Seller must give the Buyer clear and unfilled possession of the above-mentioned property at the time of payment/final execution of the sale. Between:– (hereafter referred to as seller/s) of the first part. AND both parties must sign in front of the witness the date and date and year indicated. 8. Both parties must agree that they would comply with the above conditions. The first part agreed to sell the land to the second part in order to take into account an overview of the following conditions: – ..