7.3 Where services operate on the seasonal schedule during general public holidays, pursuant to section 13 of the collective agreement, officers will have the opportunity to manage the position under section 12.6 (b) (b). ”Overall, I was very impressed with the big picture and the savings Waste Collective has been able to make for our retirement homes across Canada. An in-depth analysis was followed by a comprehensive report that demonstrated his skills in the industry. It also gives me the certainty that in the future they will conduct a critical review of our waste treatment and recycling costs. It`s a good job! We pay attention to the fine print. We use our industry expertise and legal knowledge to ensure that all supplier agreements are written in the best interests of our customers. We withdraw long-term car renewal contracts, junk fees and other hidden fees. We`re going to check on the vendors. Through an extensive network of suppliers across Canada, Waste Collective uses our industry know-how, collective purchasing power and supplier verification and classification system to manage suppliers seamlessly. Whether customers have 1 or 100 sites, we will take a proactive approach to managing all suppliers to ensure maximum service. 8.1 If there are more staff available during a seasonal schedule, redundancies will be made in reverse order of seniority, in accordance with the collective agreement. Our business model is simple. We reduce your disposal costs or you don`t pay us anything.

”Gateway Casinos originally came together with Waste Collective to reduce disposal costs at our casino properties in BC and Alberta. Not only have they been able to achieve their cost reduction goals, but at no additional cost to our company, we have earned a supplier partner who is committed to seeking the best interests of our business while fully supporting our operational team. Jag Nijjar, Senior VP of Operations for Gateway Casinos 3.3 The accumulation of seniority benefits is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Collective Agreement 6.2 In the event of a vacancy among support staff within the meaning of 1.6 of this Agreement, the following process applies. If a detachment intervenes to fill the vacancy, it is after the successful candidate has been appointed, the existing staff with more seniority must inform the area`s supervisor that they are interested in the vacancy and the scheduled hours. You must accept the entire season plan to be considered eligible for the calendar. We are very proud to provide our customers with the management of complex waste streams that result in significant direct and indirect savings. From our first waste diagnosis to our optimized service recommendations, we become the personal waste advisor and the interlocutor for all aspects of sustainable development services. 6.1 The parties agree that the consistency of staff in the areas of the program within the meaning of paragraph 1.5 of this agreement is customer service and differs positively for staff and the city in general. In order to minimize disruption in the event that a person involved in the training leaves his position on a seasonal calendar, the vacancy is occupied either by the reassignment of positions in the order of seniority or by the procedure of secondment by a person.

”We found the comprehensive approach to managing all waste streams very useful and the end of the operation simplified.