If the school district decides to purchase the school bus at the end of the lease from the leasing company or car dealership, the Landkreis must pay the fair value of the school bus. The purchase of the school bus would be registered in, Finance Dimension 302, if purchased from the Total Operating Capital account; The financial dimension 733 or the financial dimension 000 when acquired from general funds. Districts should use object 548, school transport vehicles. Rental costs must be identified by the size of item 370, operational rentals and rents. If the rented school bus is used for many different categories of transportation services, rental costs must be divided among all different categories of transportation services according to the Minnesota Statute, Section 123B.92. If, for example.B. a rented school bus is used to transport students with disabilities to and from school (financial size 723) and to take students on an excursion (financial dimension 733), the cost of the rental contract must be spread over all financial dimensions according to the number of miles travelled for each category of transport services. If you have any questions about school bus rentals, email the Transportation Coordinator of the Minnesota Department of Education. Rental costs may be included as approved (eligible) transportation costs if the following conditions are met: the lease agreement entered into by the Landkreis does not lead to the ownership of the school bus at the end of the lease.

The school bus must be returned to the leasing company or the car dealership. (The borough may purchase the school bus from the leasing company or the car dealership if the purchase was not part of the lease agreement. For more information, please see the following paragraph.) Recent changes in transportation funding have forced school districts to consider alternative ways to replace older school buses. Some school districts have started renting school buses. During the rental, the dealer or builder must be listed as the owner on the ownership certificate. The school district cannot be included in the title deed because it means ownership. If, at the end of the lease, the lease ends with the ownership of the school bus (purchase in temperament), the payment of the lease would not be considered authorized and must be included in the financial dimension 733, Unauthorized and Object Dimension 535, Capital Leases. The school bus must be used for an approved transport category for transport funding. For example, expenditures reported in financial dimensions 720 and 726 (Regular and Nonpublic Nonregular) are used to calculate private transportation financing. The expenditures reported in the financial dimension 723 (deactivated) are used to calculate the financing of special school transport. Bhanu Nagar, Siliguri, Dist. Darjiling Uttarayon, Matigara, Bhanu Nagar, Siliguri – 734010, Dist.

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