Sito: The GRO 2020 programme is looking for proposals in 11 research themes. The sub-themes are listed in the gro 2020 formatting guide and document (also available on the GRO website). Il SAMSUNG Global Research Outreach (GRO) Program invita ricercatori universitari a livello mondiale a proporre nuove idee di ricerca innovativa anche realizzate come joint research proposals con pié university coinvolte. – Participants in confidential and protected information ensure that no confidential or proprietary information is included in the proposals submitted. Samsung treats all information provided in the proposals as non-confidential and unprotected by copyright. Under the GRO program, the proposals submitted are reviewed by SAMSUNG employees, including SAMSUNG researchers, who are aware of the information provided by the university researcher in the project proposal. During the evaluation process, SAMSUNG cannot maintain the confidentiality of the information contained in the proposals. As a result, SAMSUNG does not request or want to obtain information that can be considered confidential by the university researcher or university. Variable. Selected GRO projects will receive one-year funding. A project may be extended for up to three years based on the results of the annual research and the need for a new research partnership defined by Samsung. Samsung offers a special collaboration platform for global universities, the Global Research Outreach (GRO) program.

The GRO program is an annual call for proposals that invites the world`s leading universities to come up with innovative research ideas that will be evaluated based on their novelty and their orientation to Samsung`s various research areas. SAIT is actively engaged in open innovation to encourage the discovery of new ideas and technological breakthroughs. To develop nuclear technologies along our own lines of research, we have conducted research cooperation with the outside world. In addition, we have strategic relationships with global universities to address very difficult technological problems and achieve cooperative outcomes that are consistent with the strategic visions and objectives of both parties. Eligibility: – applicants must be university professors or researchers. – the university accepts the GRO Research Agreement (RA) as part of the proposal procedure. The applicant`s first admission by the university is by submitting the GRO RA acceptance letter without amendment. If THE University of GRO RA wishes to verify prior to submission, detailed RA RA can be e-mailed at the request of the authorized university official. NOTE: The process/budget issues that arise should be addressed to the ORPA and the proposal should be forwarded according to the standard Princeton proposal procedure (Coeus, etc.). Finanziamento: 100,000-150,000 USD compresi overheads per una sola annualité, i progetti saranno finanziati per un anno ma potranno essere rinnovati fino a 3 anni.