They create a contractual relationship between the employer (care recipient) and the employee (caregiver), a relationship that must be withheld and pay taxes. Whether benefits such as health insurance or workers` compensation should be made available to workers are other considerations. In the area of taxation and social security, you can seek the advice of a lawyer to confirm what is true in your situation. Consider a leave plan to compensate for the stress of care, or an increase after one year for a job well done. Many families reach a point where they realize that a sick or elderly relative needs help. There are usually warning signs: difficulties with daily activities; Storage problems banking and financial problems; Several falls; Driving problems I forgot the meds. Sometimes an elderly or sick person needs more than occasional help – they need full-time care. The tutor`s duties should be clearly specified in the agreement, but may include the term ”or similar agreed by the parties” for flexibility. If the agreement is too rigid, it must be rewritten if circumstances change.

Regular working days and schedules should also be taken into account. This means that the service user knows when to expect visits and that the paid supervisor can plan his workload. This should include the length of each visit and the time spent with the client. A properly written personal care convention contains: Hello Penny, thanks for your post, apart from this article the best thing I could suggest would be our independent nursing contract that you can find here. It is important that the document also includes a confidentiality clause that specifies that the manager must keep the details of the client`s life confidential. Such a clause can be particularly important if the client may be ill. Hello Thanks for the question, of course, it is always advisable to let a lawyer check any legal agreement, but you are not legally obliged to do so. The presentation contract that You`re the Boss developed for independent nurses was reviewed by a lawyer before we put it in the store, and you can find it here Another legal consideration is if the caregiver is not able to sign the contract. The person who holds the power of attorney or the guardian or the curator can sign.

If the caregiver also holds the beneficiary`s power of attorney or guardianship, you should consult a lawyer. If you don`t think there`s a lawyer, read examples of agreements in the Resources section. Is there a provision for room and meal expenses if the recipient lives with the caregiver (in proportion to benefits, mortgage, insurance, taxes)? Think about what happens when the recipient moves into a care facility. Is health or dependency insurance purchased to cover the caregiver? If so, insert this into the personal care contract and you are specific without being inflexible. Consider adding an allowance for expenses that are easy to overlook. First, the general party data, z.B. is asked who it is, whether the client is under guardianship, and their contact information.