This agreement (and the documents considered to be part of this agreement) constitutes a unique, integrated written contract that expresses the whole agreement between you and us regarding the purpose of this Agreement. No alliance, no agreement, no guarantee of any kind has been made by you or by us, unless it is provided. This agreement is a contract between you and A3 Mobility LLC (”we,” ”our” or ”we”) as a provider of GIG Services. The terms of this contract apply to your use of GIG services, including your membership in this program (your ”membership”). You agree to abide by this agreement because it can be changed from time to time, every time you use GIG services. As a GIG member, you can only use GIG Car Share and GIG services in accordance with the most recent version of the agreement, which is available here on (the ”website”). To become a member of the GIG, you must complete the application process for members (”membership application”), which can be closed via the Mobile app or through member support. We can update the membership application from time to time, including as part of our efforts to improve GIG services and better protect GIG members. In addition, you must meet and meet all the following criteria (”eligibility criteria”) to become and remain a member of the GIG and use GIG services: for the cost or cost of tanker bl. Upon examination, we will reimburse you for the valid fee or refuelling fee within 60 days through a personal check.. The validity of tanker fees or charges is exclusively determined by us, on the basis, but not limited, time stamping, the amount of surcharges/fuel added, and parking restrictions at the respective charging stations. All refund decisions are final. A waiver under this agreement is effective only if it has been marked in writing, such as a waiver of that agreement and signed by the party renouncing that right.

No delay or omission by us to exercise a right, power, privilege or condition in the performance of a condition or condition of this Agreement, or act, omission or conduct of your manipulation, such right, remedy, power, privilege or condition or interpreted as a waiver of that right. Any waiver on our part to an agreement, condition or agreement that you have to respect is not considered a waiver of future events. Unless otherwise stated, all remedies in this Agreement are cumulative and complementary and not other remedies, legally, in the courts or by other means, to any of the parties. Note that you need a valid driver`s license to verify your membership and get the setup. But you don`t have to be a rideshare driver (although you should probably be!). Until 2018, Maven had 190,000 members and has expanded into major U.S. cities. [8] It also entered the Australian market, where it first provided savings rentals in concert before the addition of personal car-sharing services. [9] In May 2019, she worked in 17 cities across North America.

[10] Maven left selected cities in 2019 based on a GM market analysis[11] and announced that it would focus on cities with the highest demand and growth. [10] In 2019, Maven also collaborated with EVgo to provide fast charging stations to users of Maven electric vehicles. [12].