Earlier this week, McDonald`s and Starbucks, the two youngest high-end companies, pledged to ban customers from accessing pornography via the Wi-Fi networks provided by stores. This development was the latest in a campaign led by Enough Is Enough, an interest group that has committed to ”internet security”. These efforts seem largely successful, as public spectators of adult entertainment seem to be a championless riding. ”Well, that`s the last 25 cents I ever give them for a cup of ice cream,” a fictional audience fan told The Onion on Tuesday. There are so many digital agreements with which I agree that one day I decided to put them together and put them on my site (here) … When I`m in a new place, I copy and I put the agreement here. I hope something is able to compare them all and see what I agreed. To see all the ones I have collected, just click here All licenses granted here automatically end in violation of these Terms of Use, expiry of this Agreement or termination of your employment with an IHG company® or termination or expiry of the current administrative or licensing agreement. Once this contract is complete, all copies of the material in your possession must be returned or destroyed immediately to LEF and you must notify LG of a signed letter stating that you have returned or destroyed all of these materials. In addition, your obligations under this Agreement apply to any termination of this Agreement, including your obligation to keep the material confidential. Clues. Any communication or other communication authorized or required by the provisions of this Agreement may be made by e-mail, by conventional mail or, if LG, by publishing such a communication on this website. The message applies after you receive it if you are sent by email or on-board mail or immediately after publication on this site.

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