The so-called ”two-week” rule stipulates that foreign domestic workers must leave Hong Kong within two weeks of the end of the contract and the notice period. It is often a problem for domestic workers to find a new employer during the 14-day period, and many are forced to return to their home countries. Extensions of stay are rarely granted, unless the domestic worker has legal proceedings. This is why many workers are unwilling to break the contract with abusive employers, fearing that they will be forced to return home and pay a huge amount for training and placement to return to Hong Kong. The result is more abuse. However, if domestic workers need these two weeks to find a new employer, they can stay in pensions provided by different domestic worker NGOs. In addition, the employer has a responsibility to ensure that the assistant returns to her country of origin instead of going to a place near Hong Kong such as Macau. For employers who have prematurely laid off a significant number of budgetary aids over a relatively short period of time – about 5 workers over a two-year period – they are at risk of being blacklisted (by consulates and, to a lesser extent, by Hong Kong immigration authorities) if they are thought to be abusing their right to early dismissal. In addition, employers who wish to recruit a new assistant will have visa processing and training fees, airfares and insurance – but not limited to them. Before you decide to resign prematurely, take a step back and think – this should be your last resort. Try to solve problems when they occur. Communication and open dialogue from the beginning are your best allies.

Perhaps you have tried all the above measures to no avail. Although it hurts, you may feel that it may be time to part with the menegist help. I`m a domestic worker, so I work 10 years. Now I`m sick, I`m going to the doctor. A doctor says I can no longer work because I had Athratis. She gives me a letter that I take back to my employer. So my employer say I have to make a letter and wrote it ”I RISEN I CANT WORK ANY MORE”If I ask them why I can write because the doctor can say a CCMA letter, I have to write it to you and your FDW must also sign a safety agreement before it starts working for you. 11. Maternity Leave A domestic worker is entitled to 4 consecutive months of maternity leave. The employer is not required to pay the employee for the period during which she is unemployed because of her pregnancy. However, employers and workers can agree that the employee will receive a portion of her total salary for the period during which she is late. The mother can also benefit from UIF maternity benefits for the full four months.

An employer has the right to terminate a foreign worker while on vacation while on medical leave. 12. Family Responsibility Family employees who work more than 4 months and at least 4 days a week are entitled to 3 days of paid family leave during each round of leave, in the following circumstances: Before starting with the necessary documents and calculations, always take your first step to contact the agency and inform them of the termination. The Agency will assist you on any issues you may have and will report the dismissal to the relevant authorities in Hong Kong and the home country of the domestic help (b) overtime is voluntary and a domestic worker cannot work – if you hire an initial or transferred FDW, your employment agency must sign a security agreement for you and for them.