Then you have to specify the types of premiums. The section should contain bonus indicators for employees. Their quality may include: for the head of the work collective, the bonus amount for each bonus indicator can reach 10% of his official salary (unless otherwise stated above). The specific value of the bonus is determined by the head of the organization. 3.1. This regulation applies to all workers who have an indeterminate employment contract with the company. These employees are entitled to the accumulation and payment of bonuses: if all the nuances of granting a bonus are reflected in the employment contract, cash incentives must be taken into account when income tax. The bonus is part of the employee`s salary. The inclusion of a bonus clause in a collective agreement poses difficulties for the employment manager. Incentive data is subject to the same rules as the data that applies to the contract. 5.2. A single (single) bonus is usually paid after the end of the corresponding quarter for the benefits mentioned above and is subject to: 10. No later than the fifth day of the month following the reference month (quarter), the head of the organization placed an order (order) for bonuses.

A copy of this order (order) is sent to the accounting to include the premium amounts in the report of the reference month. We pay bonuses under this staggered system: this directive applies to all regular full-time and part-time workers and employees on contracts of one year or more.] Seasonal workers, trainees and temporary workers with contracts of less than one year are not entitled to bonuses. If an employee is rewarded simultaneously for several reasons, the corresponding amount of bonuses (by indicating the reasons) is recorded in different lines. 1.3. In this Regulation, bonuses must be interpreted as a cash payment in excess of the monthly salary of material incentives to salaried workers (hereafter referred to as ”employees”). Premium payment for production results (based on work results for one month, one quarter, one year); With regard to the design of the Computing Method section, the person in charge of the procedure should write about the circle of people who might expect a bonus. The full name of the units submitted to the provision is required.