For you to obtain a license for the reuse of products at our expense; or (c) to terminate this contract and the licence granted to it, to accept the return of the products and to refund a proportionate portion of the tax paid for the portion of the proceeds subject to the claim. In the case of indeterminate licensed software, the refund is based on a five-year linear depreciation period, which begins on the day of the first delivery of the products. Cloud services and subscription-licensed software are prepaid and unpaid fees for the remainder of the lifetime (as defined in section 8.1 below). As is specified for user authentication, code, implied, implied or resource owner (ROPC) information must be used to retrieve the access bar. what is allowed also depends on the customer who authenticates the user. For example, in the configuration example, the client-www only has implicit functions and code streams, so that supported tokens and ROPC can`t be used. Authentication requirements for the DCR can also be changed to client-must-authenticate, and then the customer information stream can be used to retrieve the initial access room used for registration. In any case, this token must have the dcr area, otherwise Curity refuses the requirement. 1.4 Subject to your opt-out rights described in this section, the software automatically provides us with information about the computer and network environment in which the software is made available, as well as the use of data and statistics of the systems available.

Cloud Services automatically collects information about the operation, organization and use of cloud services, possibly including user ID, password, IP address and metadata, as described in the cloud security and support exposure, but without customer data (as defined below). This information is used to improve products and the customer experience, including facilitating support services and suggestions for use. A more complete list of the information processed, the purposes for which it is processed and the way it is managed is available in our privacy statement at You can disable the software collection by following the instructions available when installing and documenting. The collection of information by cloud services, including associated software, is necessary to provide cloud services and cannot be deactivated. ”fees,” the fees charged for cloud services on, as well as possible overrun fees for excess API calls and system users, according to the table below and all applicable taxes: P2 is a problem that has a significant impact on users, but it does not affect API traffic in future production. In an organization where the person who creates the account is automatically admin, you can create other users. Users form the organization`s API team, which can include people such as administrators, proxy API and API product publishers, users who monitor scans and other statistics, and others. 1.2 Software. If you sign an order, we grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-conceded and unlimited license (unless it is terminated under this Agreement or, in the case of a subscription license, in an order) to use the custom-identified software and all updates provided under the Support Service, subject to the terms of this Contract and the Order.

Any reference to a ”sale” or ”purchase” of the products in this document or any other document means ”licence” in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.